Safdarjung Hospital Emergency Block, New Delhi
Location:New Delhi
Project Status:Completed
Services:Architecture, Interior Design
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Safdarjung hospital is a tertiary care hospital situated near the AIIMS in the heart of the city. The Accident and Emergency department of Safdarjung receives patients from the city of Delhi and from surrounding states. More than 1000 patients visit the department daily and it is one of the busiest emergency departments in the country. The hospital caters to all sections of society and patients needing admission are not refused the same by convention. Thus patients are received from many government and private hospitals. The 500 bedded New Emergency Block is part of the redevelopment plan of Safdarjung Hospital and started partial operations on the 7th February 2018. The multidisciplinary emergency provides medical care including different investigation modalities under one roof.

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Patients attending to the New Emergency Block(NEB) will be first received in the emergency areas situated in the Ground floor of the Building and managed as per their needs. All relevant investigations will be conducted and referrals to definitive care specialists in the NEB as well as in the Main Hospital will be made. The patient will be then shifted for definitive care after being stabilised in the emergency ensuring a continuum of care. It also aspires to be one of the few emergency departments aiming for paperless operations based on the Hospital Management and Information system software.

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Traffic flow and movement is well planned for smooth functioning Entry to New Emergency Block (NEB) from Gate No. 5 on Ring Road 1.2. Exit from NEB from Gate No. 2 on Aurobindo Marg. 1.3. Ambulance entry: NEB Gates no. 1 to 3 (Ring Road side). 1.4. Walk in patients: NEB Gates No. 4 to 7 (Hospital side).

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