Creating an Impression with Colour Strategy

In the early months of 2020, the seemingly unstoppable wave of urban migration came to a stuttering halt. As overcrowded city centers became hotbeds of disease and subsequent economic dysfunction, many were prompted to move out from metro cities.  This shift to smaller urban centres and rural settings, while disconcerting in its initial stages, has … Continue reading Creating an Impression with Colour Strategy

Translating Urban Identity through Institutional Design

The state of West Bengal occupies a prominent place in the socio-cultural tapestry of India, as the birthplace of some of the country’s finest artists, writers and philosophers. Dialogue and debate form a crucial part of daily life in the state’s urban centres – as best evidenced by Kolkata’s addas, neighbourhood hotspots where peers congregate … Continue reading Translating Urban Identity through Institutional Design

Designing Campuses for Resilience

·         Project: BRCM Public School·         Location: Vidyagram, Haryana·         Built – Up Area: Approx 6 Lakh Sq.ft·         Year of Completion: 2018 While conversations around sustainability have been picking up momentum for over a decade, the concept of resilience through design is only now gaining traction – especially now that the end of the pandemic appears closer than ever. … Continue reading Designing Campuses for Resilience

Reinventing the School Morphology

·         Project: Amity International School·         Location: Mohali, Punjab·         Built – Up Area: 2.7 Acres·         Year of Completion: The demand for quality educational infrastructure is rising steadily, just as the availability of land – especially within urban areas – is diminishing. A perennial challenge, this situation had previously prompted us to maximise buildable space, by experimenting … Continue reading Reinventing the School Morphology

Navigating Constraints of Space

·         Project: Amity Global School·         Location: Sector – 46, Gurugram·         Built-Up Area: 1 Acre·         Year of Completion: 2013 The word ‘school’ evokes a very specific image – that of green lawns, bustling corridors, and neatly sectioned areas for curricular and extra-curricular activities. For a myriad of reasons, however, this image is changing. Schools today must … Continue reading Navigating Constraints of Space

Redefining Healthcare in Developing Cities

·         Project: Ashirwad Hospital·         Location: Varanasi·         Built-Up Area: 82,000 Sq.Ft·         Year of Completion: 2019 Public healthcare in India remains a divisive issue. On one hand, it is an incontestable fact that Indian medical professionals are some of the best in the world. On the other hand, medical infrastructure in the country leaves much to be desired … Continue reading Redefining Healthcare in Developing Cities